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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  March 7, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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out on san francisco streets. this is an unusual sight, these are food vendors camped out on san francisco streets how their all nighter could lead to more snack choices for you. $4 rising record rise at bay area pumps and the emergency step the government could take to ease the pain. >> it is monday the 7th of march i am sydnie kohara. >> i am frank mallicoat. you know it is monday when you have car trouble out of the gate. >> nothing like it. but what we do like, julie watts has our forecast for you on this monday. good morning julie. >> good morning did you hear that wind overnight? >> i could feel it on the bay
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bridge this morning. >> pretty impressive wind speeds upwards of 30 miles per hour. closer to 20 miles per hour inland. waking up this morning, windy conditions to start the day more rain on the way. i will time it out for you and tell you who can expect it and when coming up in a bit but first taking a look at that morning commute. thank you. good morning. let's jump over to the san mateo bridge. a wind advisory in effect for bay area bridges. check tong bay bridge right now, san mateo bridge use caution as you cross the span, high wind advisory signs expected. right now that is a first look at your morning commute. thank you very much. it is 4:31 a.m. we don't have to tell you drivers, prices at the pump are skyrockets how much they are rising is stunning. let's take a look at bay area prices the average for a gallon of regular gas is $3.93 that is
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up 15¢ from a week ago and in san jose and oakland the average is $3.90 an increase from 16¢ from last sunday according to gas driver -- gas drivers across the country are experiencing the second biggest gas spike in history. the gas is just out of control no matter what. no matter how much money you have or don't the price is out of control. >> reporter: 33¢ a gallon increase in price of gas is one to have biggest two week jumps on record. the average price is now 3.5 $1 but that looks like a bargain to californians, paying much more, $3.93. >> i am putting 91 in, yeah, $4.14. >> reporter: should the government step in? >> we have to make some kind of move. whatever move we can make in terms of foreign policy,
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foreign trade. >> reporter: worry about the stability of countries in the middle east, now worry about u.s. economic recovery is urging the obama administration toward tapping the strategic reserve. >> it is one we are considering, it has been done in very rare occasions there is a bunch of factors that have to be looked at and it is just not the price. >> reporter: america's strategic petroleum research every holds 777 million-barrels of oil. selling oil from the reserve at $100 a barrel could ease the federal deficit but new york times report online says obama administration is concerned about taking oil from the reserve when there is excess oil production capacity around the world. when the reserve was tapped in 2005 after hurricane katrina. oil prices dropped 9% now?
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>> i think it is time and we need to look at other sources of energy. >> reporter: now is not the time some say. >> not the strategic reserve i am buying an electric car tomorrow and it will give me the patriotic pleasure of not sending money overseas to someone trying to blow us up. tapping the reserve would free up supply but only have a modest effect on prices at the pump. in libya forces loyal to moammar gadhafi launching a new air strike against opposition forces in a key oil port city there are no reports of casualties today. anti government rebels claiming victory in another city, people there say pro gadhafi forces entered the city but were beaten back. rebels need to regroup after loyalists pounded them with helicopter gun ships, artillery and rockets near tripoli. u.s. defense secretary
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robert gates is in afghanistan on a two day trip to visit troops alleyed leaders and afghan officials he wants to get a closer look at progress and the war on terror and stability of the afghan government. obama administration is getting closer to making moves toward reducing troop levels. both is u.s. and afghan governments agree u.s. military should remain involved in afghanistan after the planned end of combat operations in 2014. 4:35 a.m. oakland police have a new clue in a 30-year-old murder mystery investigators have create add forensic rendering of the victim scientists believe he was in his 20s. 6 feet tall, blond hair his burned body with no head no limbs no internal organs was found in a gutter in west oakland his skull and leg bone in a different location. modern dna technology confirmed
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the bones were from the same man. police are trying to determine his id so they can focus suspect who is may have also killed two other men this vick knew. >> -- victim knew. an armed serial robber has a thing for 711 stores. four stores in concord and walnut creek have been robbed all by a man matching the same description. walnut creek police releasing the photo of the suspect he has robbed at least one store in that city. 4:36 a.m. santa clara valley drivers may be the next to get express lanes. those lanes in alameda county are free for car pools and open to solo drivers willing to pay a toll. new proposed lanes are interstate 880, milpitas, north san jose where the two freeways connect. they will hold a public hearing in afternoon. food vendors in san
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francisco lined up so they can apply for a permit in fact some of them have been camped out for two days. these are live pictures, of those campers, the city is making it easier for mobile food trucks to operate but it is first come first served for prime locations some entrepreneurs have been camping out for as much as three days at department of public works. >> the sense was that there was going to be a rush they are opening 8:20 a.m. monday, and probably people are going to be applying for the same spot. all about location. there are spots in the city that are going to be up for sale which could make our break your business. >> new permits will be more affordable, costing $3,000 instead of $10,000 there are already 100 food trucks in the city now this number could double. 4:37 a.m. it is a dog fight over popular bay area parks another public hearing tonight on proposed restrictions on off leash dog walking this is for the golden
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gate national recreation area. protestors are expected to be outside the meeting they oppose new limits on dogs in areas where they have been allowed for several decades the hearing starts 5:30. fort nation san francisco. 30 minutes ago the discovery detaching from the international space station. >> undocking ended a 9 davie sit in advance of their departure they got a little wake up greeting from who else, captain kirk. after the shuttle returns to earth, it will be retired and sent to a museum. nasa's two other shuttles will be retired later this year. nothing like a phone call from the captain. let's get a quick look at weather and traffic if you are heading out the door this early in the morning julie. >> good morning guys. heading out the door right now wind is a big story especially on local bridges. what i can tell you wind speeds along the coast, we are talking
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30 miles per hour, 20 miles per hour inland gusty out there that is the story this morning later on tonight, we are talking more rain, now just slight showers passing through and primarily north of the golden gate but we will have our next round of showers coming through later today but in the meantime partly cloudy skies, mix of sun and cloud throughout the day. cooler temperatures, keep winds around for much to have day. they will die down as we progress into the evening hours. inland, upper 40s. lower 50s. later on this afternoon, bring temperatures down a few degrees from yesterday, upper 50s near 60 degrees for warmest locations and again, windy the big story for the first half of the day and bringing back a chance of showers for the second half, don't worry not around all week long. extended forecast shows second half of tuesday dry things out. wednesday looks beautiful temperatures near 70 for some of the warmest spots showers into the mix thursday.
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we will talk about that extended forecast weekend forecast in a bit first a look at the roadways, how are they looking? >> not bad as far as accidents word of a new wreck san jose details coming up but you said it, shaky cameras, wind advisory san mateo bridge, use caution as you travel across the span. another wind advisory, richmond san raphael bridge. overall not too bad. no wind advisory for the bay bridge but reports of windy conditions use caution any way as you cross the upper deck intosan francisco. on to that accident northbound 101, capital expressway, headed out to the scene injuries reported no word if any lanes are blocked a live look at san jose in a few minutes. >> all right, it is 4:40 a.m. on a monday. california student disappears studying abroad in spain the last word she told a classmate.
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a great change is at hand and our task is to make that revolution, that change, peaceful and constructive for all. those who look only to the past or the present, are certain to miss the future. do not pray for easy lives. pray to be stronger men. ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country.
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as you head out you might want to grab a light sweater. temperatures cooler upper 50s near 60s for some of the warmest locations combination of sun and clouds your full forecast coming up in a bit. it is 4:43 a.m. the search intensifying for a california student missing in spain. he disappeared last friday after going to a night club in madrid. austin is a 22-year-old exchange student from san diego state university. his classmates said he was too drunk to get into that night club so he decided to walk home he hasn't been seen since. his family is in spain now searching for the student along
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with spanish police and hundreds of volunteers. five democratic senators want a federal crackdown on phoney colleges they say are giving student visas to potential criminals and terrorists they are simply fronts for people to pay to illegally enter the u.s. the five senators which include california's diane feinstein say student visas were the way in for several terrorists tied to 9/11. >> get ready to pay for more garbage collection in san mateo collection beginning april 1st, cost to pick up garbage recyclables and compost will rise 23% nearly $10 for a typical home with a 32-gallon container city council expected to give final approval for the rate increase to intonight. >> in a -- rate increase tonight. in a new tool, officers will hand out multi lingual
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information cards. officers have started enforcing the sit lie ordinance, banning lying on sidewalks, from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. the wild west took over the box office this weekend. >> move. >> not moving. not moving. >> try to blend in. >> blend in? what do you mean? >> blend in. >> that is the animated comedy, rango featuring the voice of johnny depp. the adjustment bureau starring matt damon and emily blunt opened at number two, beastly, hall pass. gnomeo and juliette. a lot of animation in there. 4:45 a.m. he was hit by a baseball one year ago now a bay area high school pitcher's serious injury is helping others. new helmet design to keep
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pitchers safe. >> are you stressed out? how your every day anxiety could be hurting your memory. plus ... >> sheen's corner. >> well, we know he dominated twitter last week but charlie sheen isn't stopping there. how he is reaching out to fans and his own kid on a new web show
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kilauea welcome back. a spectacular sight on hawaii's big island. a crater floor collapsed on saturday opening up a vent that sent lava shooting 60 feet into the air. great video there. it is one of the world east most active volcanos and has been in constant eruption since 1983. incredible. earthquake damage will force new zealanders to completely abandon parts of
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christ church the word from the prime minister some parts cannot be rebuilt because of too much damage. 10,000 houses will have to be demolished 6.3 magnitude quake hit last month. 166 people confirmed dead that number is expected to clear some 200. 4:49 a.m. french court opened a trial into corruption charges involving former president jack chirac. he was not present he is accused of embezzling money in paris to pay people to work for his political party he was mayor of paris 1977 to 1995 before becoming president. we call it mardi gras in the u.s. but in brazils is
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carnivale. one of the top samba schools forming the parade. schools are judged on choreography, floats, costumes and song lyrics. in the big easy the party is already under way it has been for two weeks. >> they always party down there actually. they are getting ready for mardi gras. six parades were held yesterday, featuring dozens of floats along the traditional route, many costumes and characterses on display are inspired by greek or roman mythology. one father says the tradition mardi gras needs to be passed down to younger generations. >> new orleanss is all about culture and we are trying to teach our children who were not born here but mardi gras is part of their life now. >> it is expected to provide a big financial boost for new orleans area hotels many booked nearly to capacity. more parades today and the big day tomorrow, fat tuesday.
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>> that's right. mardi gras. well, we are looking at some pretty nice weather for fat tuesday and wednesday and more rain thursday and the meantime out the door this morning, talking winds. this will die down later on this evening in the meantime let me step out of the shot, daily city, northwest winds, 24 miles per hour. switch in there live, foster city 41 miles per hour san francisco west winds at 30, oakland 21, with higher gusts everywhere. again, wind the big story as you head out the door this morning. let's look at that planner. temperature wise pretty mild upper 40s to low 50s. we will feel much cooler, definitely windy across the bridges. giana will talk more about that coming up. temperatures down a few degrees from yesterday. near 64, some of the warmest locations gusty winds better part of the day dying down as we head into the early evening
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hours. just as we start to lose these winds, showers making its way inland. weak warm front approaches us later on tonight. best chance of showers, golden gate north, can't rule out a few stray showers, very light rain, lingering on into tuesday morning. in the meantime, temperature wise, pretty mild a little below seasonal norms. redwood city, mountain view, 61 sunnyville, union city, temperatures upper 50s. near 60, 69 berkeley, antioch, 59 today in liver more. um north, again same story you likely will see stories later on this evening. 57 san an sell mow, 67 kentville. take a look at the extended forecast off and on light showers no big soakers in the forecast. showers again moving in tonight through the first half of tuesday likely drying out
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wednesday. temperatures near 70 degrees some of the warmest locations should be beautiful day on wednesday. return of those showers thursday, staying dry friday and extended forecast for next weekend, yeah, looks like we have a chance of showers returning. but again in the meantime, wind is the big story today, that i am sure is effecting the commute giana, how does it look? >> windy conditions and a couple accidents already. let's start with a live look at 101 through san jose, alan rock head lights going northbound this portion of 101 checking in problem free south of here we have an accident as we head to our maps. trouble spot northbound side 101. capital expressway. blocking the off ramp that is good news an injury accident chp emergency crews on scene we will keep you updated until that clears out of the roadway. southbound 17, a new wreck reported vehicle blocking the right lane. you can see traffic just a little slow and go some spots
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yellow on our screen here. elsewhere, highway 4. we have an accident here as well. all the activities over to the right shoulder. out of windy conditions they just issued an official wind advisory, an okay commute as far as speeds go, work the way on the span upper and lower deck same for san mateo bridge camera shaking around wind advisory in effect bridge as well not too bad still 13 minutes, 880 to 101 traffic light through there. taking the golden gate bridge no wind advisories or fog advisories in effect. traffic looking well through this portion as you work your way from marin county to san francisco. kcbs radio partners. today a sports equipment valley will unvail a new helmet for pitchers who play little league baseball. development of the helmet was prompted by the injury to a
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marin county player he was hit in the head by a baseball last year he has since recovered and will be at the unvailing today. a new warning this morning involving california hazel nuts. los angeles based company di franco and sons is recalling the nuts after 7 people in three states got e-coli. they were distributed between november and december last year. they were sold in 1 pound packages, 4-pound bags of trail mix or open bins at super markets. japan is temporarily stopped using the previnar vaccine while they investigate the deaths of four children they are all under the age of 2 they died last week the deaths occurred the same day, to three days after the vaccines were given it is made from u.s. drug maker pfizer and a french pharmaceutical company protects
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against pneumonia and some types of meningitis. vaccination began two years ago the u.s. has been using it for 10 years now. new research indicates a certain amount of stress can improve your memory. as a person reaches his or her optimal level of stress memory performance increases with clear recall of long ago events but turns out men and women respond differently a neurobiologist at uc irvine found stress hormones interact with sex hormones. women's memories are better under stress only when estrogen levels are normal. working through the weekend trying to work out a custody deal for charlie sheen's toddler twins. >> he lost custody of his 2- year-old twin boys last week after his estranged wife brook muler filed a temporarily order against him saying he was abusive towards her. one sticking point in the talks is about a monitor in sheen's
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home when twins are in his care. he had a message. >> daddy loves you if you are watching tell mom to leave the room. it's on. he calls it sheen's corner. he says you are either in his corner or with the trolls. a lot of people are in his corner chronicle reporting nearly a million views for sheen's first episode. >> yes, say what you want but the guy is you know attracted everybody. >> stop watching him. 4:57 a.m. libya edging deeper into a civil war. how anti government protestors are changing their strategy after serious losses this weekend. you are about to get more food choices on the streets of san francisco. find out how coming up. >> we've got some more car pool lanes opening up for you solo drivers the next bay area
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highways they may let you pay as you drive that and much more coming up
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